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Counseling in Northfield, Minnesota

You miss an old version of yourself and your relationship. You keep trying to pull things together, to makes things better, but it feels like you are stuck in a loop where things just don't get better.

You've been thinking about couples counseling or individual counseling for a while, but you aren't sure where to start, or who can really help.

My name is Dorothee and I am a therapist in Northfield, Minnesota with over 35 years of experience in the field. We will use the best evidence-based practices as well as perennial wisdom. I will teach you how to manage your brain and befriend your nervous system and your body. The mind-body-spirit connection will become a practical reality for you. I will help you restore your innate capacity for joy, intimacy, and resilience.

If you are a couple that has grown apart, I will give you the skills for deepening intimacy, resolving conflict lovingly, and create a meaningful life together. You will leave therapy with the effective tools of Gottman Method Couples Therapy

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